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  2. 受電設備法定点検による全館停電のお知らせ

Electricity Inspections Notice




■停電日時 2021年1月12日(火) 1:30am~3:30am



・マッサージ受付時間 11:00pm まで
・ルームサービス受付時間 9:00pm まで
・インターネット(LAN/Wi-Fi含む)終了時間 11:00pm まで(通常24時間)


Electricity Inspections Notice

Thank you for staying at ANA CROWNE PLAZA FUKUOKA.
Due to law mandatory regulation, a technical inspection will be performed at our hotel.
Electricity will be interrupted during the following hours.

■Date and Time
January 12, 2021 (Tue.) 1:30am~3:30am

※Only guests who check in on January 11, 2021 (Mon.)

- Most of the electric equipment will stop operating
[ such as elevators, escalators, 1F lobby lights, automatic door lights,air conditioners, Internet, TV and wall sockes ]
EXCEPT internal telephone usage and water service.
- A staff member will escort you when leaving and entering our hotel.
- A staff member will be located in each floor.
- A portable torch would be placed in each guest room.

■Changes in business hours will occur as per below

- Massage Close at 11:00pm
- Room service Close at 9:00pm
- Internet Connection [LAN / Wi-Fi ] Close at 11:00pm


The alarm clock will be shut down during the power cut.
If you wish to settle a wake up call, dial service center and a staff member would be happy to help you.