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We are located 5 min.-walking distance from Hakata station. Offering comfortable rooms and high service standards; it will perfectly suit your business or leisure stay. For a pleasant and good sleep, we offer our original "Sleep Advantage" program. Exclusively developed in Japan.

Regular floor

Standard Single Room

Basic Double Room

Standard Double Room

Standard Twin Room

Superior Twin Room

Universal Room

Type Floor Room size (m2) Bed size (mm)
Standard Single 6F - 11F 15.4 W1100 x D1950
Basic Double 5F - 11F 18 W1400 x D1950
Standard Double 6F - 11F 20.7 W1600 x D1950
Standard Twin 5F - 11F 20.7 W1100 x D1950
Superior Twin 5F - 11F 22.5 W1100 x D1950
Universal Room 5F 30.8 W1100 x D1950

Club floor

Standard Club Double Room

Standard Club Twin Room

Corner Club Room

Corner Club Deluxe Room

Club Double Room

Club Twin Room

Club Deluxe King Living Room

Club Deluxe Twin Room

Crowne Junior Suite Room

Crowne Suite Room

Type Floor Room size (m2) Bed size (mm)
Standard Club Double 12F 20.7 W1600 x D1950
Standard Club Twin 12F 22.5 W1100 x D1950
Corner Club 5F - 11F 36 W1600 x D1950
W1100 x D1950
Corner Club Deluxe 5F - 11F 40.6 W1200 x D1950
Club Double 12F - 14F 36 W2000 x D1950
Club Twin 12F - 14F 36 W1200 x D1950
Club Deluxe King Living 14F 36(Bed Room)
22(Living Room)
W2000 x D1950
Club Deluxe Twin 14F 45 W1200 x D1950
Crowne Junior Suite 12F 46.7 W1200 x D1950
Crowne Suite 14F 60 W1200 x D1950

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